Social Vision is led by a dedicated team, who want to see real change in the world and are unified in our resolve to find tangible solutions

Gautam Barua

BSc (Econ), LSE


Picture Courtesy of the Financial Times

Picture Courtesy of the Financial Times

His commitment to create an effective awareness of poverty, gender and race discrimination, stems from his experience of poverty among school children in deprived areas of Tilbury Docks in Essex while he was temporarily engaged in 'supply teaching'; children from dysfunctional and broken families having one school meal, and wearing canvas shoes and inappropriate clothes for the winter. Furthermore, he was much influenced by the Fabian ethos and other great thinkers at the London School of Economics. During the 1960s and the 70s, this school of thought and their values provided him with inspirational energy. 


Having spent a short time as a teacher, he was unable to find suitable employment due to ethnic profiling. Deciding not to immigrate to Canada or the USA, where the opportunities for economists were plenty, he decided to start an independent corporate strategy practice, serving various multinational corporations. He practiced for 23 years and built an extensive client base in the IT industry, including 3M, IBM, Xerox Corporation, BT, Philips, Canon, Kodak, Siemens, Samsung and Toshiba. He was also a consultant advisor to the UK Department of Trade and Industry, and a leading trade body,  the Electronic Engineering Association (1). He also offered his comments, views and content materials to the Financial Times, which were frequently published. After 23 years, he discontinued his professional activities and engaged in social research, and developed the concept of Social Vision. For the last 7 years, he has been actively engaged with alumni of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and enhanced Social Vision's agenda with intellectual capital of the LSE.


(1) Note: He acknowledges the assistance of Alan Smith during his tenure at the EEA on developing ideas and corporate strategy for association members.


Edward Pincheson


Editor in Chief


After completing diplomas in International Affairs (University of London), Urban Planning (School of Architecture, Birmingham), and BA Geography with Economics at LSE, Edward specialised in sovereign and corporate fix income bonds in emerging markets of central and eastern Europe, and provided in-depth reports for the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Financial Times. He is also an associate professor in MBA and other courses at City University, London.


Zakir Khan


CEO Bangladesh


He was educated in the United States for his undergraduate degree, and obtained a MSc from London School of Economics and Political Science. He has worked on research and development projects with Oxfam-Novib, JICA, NSO and other international agencies. His core areas of interest are micro insurance and poverty mitigation in developing nations; cross-cultural dynamics of Gender Justice. He joined Social Vision as an intern and continued with Social Vision until present. He is working in the capacity of CEO of Social Vision's poverty mitigation projects in Bangladesh, but spends considerable time in London.



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