Brexit could wreck the green agenda - UN

The British government has been warned by the United Nations that their environment policies are at risk if they decide to go through with a Hard Brexit and to weaken the directives taken for the protection of the environment. Recent proposals have been dismissed on the grounds of being not effective enough and lacking genuine commitment to the cause. Britain has been answering to the European Court of Justice so far but after Brexit the system of enforcement for that environmental procedures. Only last week, the UK was held accountable for not tackling incredibly high and illegal levels of pollution. The executive director for the UN environment programme pressed the British government to work hands in hands with Europe to stay a leader in green issues and to avoid hindering the global pact on the environment being discussed at the moment by leaders of the world.

Poor communities losing GPs while wealthy areas gain, new figures reveal

In the last year, poorest communities have been losing GPs for the profit of more wealthy families, exposing the inequality gap in healthcare. It has been decades now that we can witness a massive gap in how people are being treated with very few GPs available for poorer families whereas they tend to be the one who need access to healthcare the most. The waiting times are longer whereas people living in poor areas tend to have more serious conditions to care for. Even though GPs part of the Targeted Enhanced Recruitment are now receiving 20,000 pounds for starting to work in places where they are the most needed this is only a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

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